3  Ways How Trying To Be a Better Husband  Supercharged My Sex Life

3 Ways How Trying To Be a Better Husband Supercharged My Sex Life

A Revelation

  Have you ever wondered what you could do as a husband to help strengthen your relationship with your wife? Or wondered how you could take your sex life from dull and infrequent to a night to night sexcapade? A time not so long ago, I found myself asking myself that very question. My wife and I had come to a time in our marriage, where our sex life was not what I think either of us wanted and honestly, things started to look bleak. Of Course, this was very displeasing and I knew I had to do something. Being the knowledge driven person that I am, I started to research what I could do to remedy this situation. So, I looked and looked and tried all kinds of things to see if anything would work to shake this funk we were in. Ultimately, I found  2 very simple things that worked for me. I had to be totally open with her about how I felt, even if it was unpleasant and if I wanted our sex life back I was going to have to be open with her about my fantasies and desires. This is exactly what I did and the outcome has been amazing. Below I have put 3 examples of the ways making an effort to be a better husband and more open with my wife has turned my sex life upside down and strengthened our relationship.

1. I was really very pleased with  how my wife reacted to these things I was doing. I found that as I was more open with her about how I felt she in turn began being more open with me this really helped strengthen our relationship. We were experiencing a closeness that we hadn't even had in the beginning of our relationship. This was all very exciting, of course, and it wasn't long before our sex life started to follow suit. I couldn't believe how much my wife was actually coming onto me. She was very playful and flirty, she couldn't keep her hands to herself, with no complaints from me. I was very pleased with this monster I had created, as I loved seeing my wife so playful and happy.                                                   

2. I found that being so honest and open with my wife about my desires, She was much more willing to open up to me about her own sexual desires. It's sometimes hard for someone to bare your inner most desires with another person. Being vulnerable with her myself, has made her feel much more secure doing the same.  This openness has led us to a lot of conversations about our own individual sexuality and fantasies which has only strengthened our relationship even more. The overall benefit of this is knowing your partner on a deeper level both sexually and emotionally. This deeper understanding has been vital in my attempts to better myself as a husband and reignite that intimate spark with my wife.

 3. Love a good sexual adventure? It feels exciting to go outside what you would call your norm and push your boundaries a little bit. To make a memorable moment of a fantasy fulfilled and to have the person you love most right by your side, is very gratifying. I was so grateful for my journey when I realized how much my wife and I had in common when it came to our fantasies. I thought about how grateful I was I decided to take a look at myself and try to be a better husband. Doing this for her has brought us closer together, our sex life is amazing. We've had a few adventures already, we have even started adding to our bucket list. Which I highly recommend, as it is a great way to help keep some spice in the bedroom and your relationship. We simply started writing things down on our list and when we are looking for a little excitement, we see if we can't cross off a list item and this has already led us on a few memorable sexcapades.

 In Conclusion                                                                                             

 Sometimes it's the small things that matter the most. I think we all should look a little harder at ourselves, what kind of partner are we being to our significant other. The changes I've seen from just self reflection and openness in my relationship and sex life have been miraculous. I truly hope my experience can help you as well.

*These are my personal experiences and are for informational purposes only.

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