5 Easy Date Night Sex Tips For Couples

5 Easy Date Night Sex Tips For Couples

     Finding time for romantic encounters with your loved one may seem impossible, but it doesn't have to be. With a few simple items, you can turn your romantic gesture into an erotic adventure, without spending a whole lot of money or using up a whole lot of time. You will just need to put in some effort and you'll be extremely pleased with the results. We have compiled a list of 5 easy ways to spice up your date night, you won't even need to go out. Have your date night....IN. 

1. Romantic Edible Massage Oils and Candles. With so many flavors, the hardest part is finding just one to try. All natural and vegan options are also available, which means there are plenty of options, for your delightful pleasure. Use the candles to drip hot wax on your lover, flavored and edible, bringing the ultra erotic experience to your massages. 

2. Game Night. Or game ON. This can be a great way to spice your alone time with your partner. If you like board games, dice games, or personal question games there's a game for you. The great thing about the game night is inviting friends to play with you. BDSM-based games will take your game night to the next level. Take a look at a few games we thought you would find most pleasurable. Click Here 

3. Remote Control Vibrator. OOOOH, how exciting it can be to let your lover take control. Date Night In or Out, can be the most erotic of dates. With vibrators, anal plugs, and panties to choose from you'll find something even the shyest, beginner can try. Working your way up to wearing panties at dinner, with your partner taking you to the edge, straight to "dessert"

4. Roleplay. So many cute outfits, anal plugs (with tails), and masks that are simple to use and easy addition to your arsenal of erotic toys. I'm sure you've seen lingerie ads and  adorable outfits. Made for every shape and size. It's fun to pretend and roleplay, let your guard down and be "Sandy Nipples" for a while. Just adding an anal plug, sized from beginner to expert, some with tails, some flash, some glow in the dark, heart-shaped, and many colors to choose from. If you haven't experienced anal or have had bad experiences in the past, numbing creams will help as you begin to explore all the fun anal sex has to offer.

*Remember to always use protection during sexual intercourse for protection from pregnancy, STDs, and other health-related reasons. 

5. Try a new toy or machine. Dildos and vibrators can be a great way for partners to play together. Using the toy solo with your partner watching or letting your partner please you with the toy can strengthen the connection you have. The closeness can add intimacy to your romantic encounter. Being able to have eye contact and watching your partner being pleased can be one of the most erotic experiences. Dildos and vibrators can be used in a harness to finish off the date. 

     Sometimes adding something new to your sex life is all is takes to bring back the flame. Take your dates beyond your wildest dreams, and make an "explosive" impression on your first encounter that keeps them cumming back. Trying something new can be fun, you don't really have anything to lose but OOOO so much to gain. 



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