5 Foreplay Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

5 Foreplay Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

     Not only is foreplay fun, but it also plays a vital role in the female orgasm. When we begin to explore foreplay ideas, we can see how easy and exciting engaging in foreplay is for our relationships. Not only do we benefit physically, but emotionally we connect with our partners on a deeper level. The most enticing part about foreplay is it can be anything you want, as long as it gets the juices flowing. 

Open communication lines with your partner

Things like sexting or dirty talk can help open communication with your partner. Being able to put into words the things you want to do to your partner or have done to you. It's also important to have open discussions outside the bedroom. When we talk to each other about what pleases us, we create an emotional connection and build a stronger bond. 

Foreplay is important so don't skip it

Kissing and make-out sessions are a great way to get the fire started. Foreplay doesn't always have to be oral sex and dildos to be effective. Simple gestures like touching, standing close, holding hands, and kissing get things going before the bedroom is even in the plan. 

Bond over sexually themed game nights

Making time for the game night gives us an opportunity to learn what our partners like. There are many different types of sexually themed games to play. Trying new games (or buying a kit that includes everything you need) gives us the relaxing time our relationships need while having fun connecting with our partners. Who knows, you just might learn something new about yourself. 

Roleplay can open new doors

Roleplay is a great way to open up about your sexual desires. When you can tap into your inner vixen or inner master, being able to pose as someone else may help release your inhibitions. It's a fun way to add spice; with costumes, outfits, wigs, heels... you can be whomever you please. You and your lover can play along, it's a great way to connect. Cosplay could become something you enjoy together. You never know unless you try. 

Rub down sesh with edible massage oil

Edible massage oils and lubes are a must for foreplay. Sensual massage, pressure point massage, erotic touching, and delicious tasting. Using edible massage oil can enhance the evening. Nothing is more erotic than a massage or just rubbing oil all over the body. Touching and kissing your lover, will most definitely spark passion. Massage oils are a great way to hydrate the skin, too. Your lover will enjoy the special treatment, opening up new doors for your relationship. 

Foreplay can be enough if you learn from each other

When it comes to sex, foreplay in itself can be enough. If you take the time to learn from each other, by exploring or discussing, you'll find that the passion between you is explosive. Use these foreplay techniques and see what you can create in your love life. Open up new doors for you and your lover. There's no reason to keep sex in the bedroom. 

 updated 9/27/2021


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