5 Ways To Show You Care : Being Thankful For Him

5 Ways To Show You Care : Being Thankful For Him

     With so much going on these days; election, coronavirus, financial struggle, ugh... it's easy for the days to slip by. While the days are passing with ease, we tend to "forget" to recognize the ones most important to us. We take for granted they "just know" so it seems to fall on the back burner of everyday life. I can tell you this, making a conscious effort to show appreciation definitely has some perks. 

     I have noticed when I take time to say "Thank you" or even help my husband with his "chores" he is more affectionate towards me. It's the little things that keep him motivated to reach his goals for himself and our family. I have a small list of 5 things that may help inspire you to show him how thankful you are for him, now and all year. 

1. Encourage him to hang out with friends. This is important for everyone. We all need a safe place to vent and be ourselves. Hanging out with friends is the best place to let loose. Spending time together is important, but so is time apart. Let him miss you a little, brag on you to his friends, and blow off some steam. You'll be happy when he comes home.... he just might be more affectionate and maybe even a little frisky when he sees you. 

2. Initiate a massage. Don't wait until he's completely exhausted, hurting, and feels the need to ask. With a little extra attention, you will notice when he's starting to become run down. Keeping him in mental and physical shape will help the family and the greater good in the long run. Not every massage has to be a full-blown body massage. Rub his shoulders, his hands, his legs, or feet. Use the time you're already being affectionate to slip in a hand rub, or when you hug him, rub his shoulders a few minutes. The time will add up, he'll begin to relax and he will also be more energized to help around the house. 

3. It may not seem like much, but I have seen a difference in my husband when I simply take the burden of pumping gas off his plate. I can see where it would be time-consuming and mentally stressful always worrying about gas in the vehicles. I see the relief when he finds out and I know he appreciates not having to stop for gas when he leaves the house. 

4. Offer to take him to his favorite restaurant. It's okay for ladies to plan and pay for dates. As a matter of fact, it should be standard for women to plan dates and pay for them. A relationship is between 2 people, the romantic responsibility isn't just that of the other partner. It's fun to plan a surprise adventure and see your significant other light up with delight. 

5. Lastly, flirt with your significant other like you're just starting out. Keeping the flame going takes effort. Flirting will help you feel alive (maybe even younger), plus it will make him feel valued and loved. Try it out. He may not know what to think if it's been hectic and time has gone by too fast. Keep trying, don't give up. Your relationship will thank me later. 

     Even though we're busy, even though we're stressed with our own daily schedules, it's a benefit to both of you if you take the time to be grateful. Things don't have to be extravagant to be special. They simply have to be done out of love. If any of these tips helped you, leave a comment. We always love to hear when people are able to grow in their journey. 


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