6 Things You Need To Know : Making Anal Sex Work For You

6 Things You Need To Know : Making Anal Sex Work For You

I'm sure some of us cringe when we think about anal sex. We've all had a bad experience and that's left some of us not interested in trying again. I do know that if you have a partner that is experienced with anal sex, it makes it a lot more comfortable, even pleasurable. If you and your partner are interested in trying anal (again) or if you would like to try solo anal, we have some tips for you. From beginner to graduating up to the extra large anal toys. Whatever your anal fantasy, myneweden.com has everything you're looking for. 

"I've heard it hurts. Does it?"

My personal experiences with anal sex have left me with mixed emotions about backdoor play. It's been about 50/50. Half had an idea how to do it, the other half...... eager fellas that have no clue. If you aren't interested in having some guy ram your hiney with his hard rod, practice with a vibrator, your fingers or anal plug until you feel comfortable having something like a hard penis entering back there. Anal plugs come in so many fantastic color combinations, with gems, shaped gems, small, medium, roses, even vibrating..... you will find a special plug for any occasion. Anal lovers are going for the ecstasy of pressure. Anal sex isn't for everyone and it's okay if you realize that you just aren't into it. 

Is anal sex safe?

Yes, when done correctly. You don't want to insert objects not intended for inserting into the vagina or anus, like our favorite shaped vegetables and fruit. There's risk of infection and damage. Does anal sex feel good? The short answer is YES. When it's done correctly, without forcing and when using lots of lube. Having a good, slippery lube will give you the glide you need. Using desensitizers isn't recommended because you can't feel if there's any ripping or tearing. It may seem like a great idea, I mean, who wouldn't want to experience anal without pain?  BUT, You want to make sure you can tell when it's too much. Participating in backdoor action should be a slow process, training kits are made for preparing you for anal play.

Is it okay if there's blood?

You may see light blood which is normal, especially the first few times you try anal sex.  *If you are experiencing continued bleeding or heavy bleeding, contact your family physician*.   Experiment by yourself, get to know what feels good, without the pressure of performing with a partner. Rimming can be a good way to still have anal play, using fingers or tongue to massage the sphincter and incorporating toys are ways to enjoy anal play in your relationship. 

Communicate with your partner when it's too much

Establish a safe word or phrase ahead of time. If you aren't able to express concerns or your partner can't accept if you change your mind, then you shouldn't be having sex with that person. You don't have to agree to deep penetration, maybe you enjoy a massage in the area, or perhaps using an anal plug that goes just inside (and adds some bling to the backdoor) they come vibrating with remote controls so anal play doesn't have to be off the table. Perhaps, your partner would be interested in experimenting with anal on the receiving end. It's a topic of conversation that should be brought up. 

It's not like what you see in porn

Please, don't get twisted thinking anal is anything like what they show in porn. Don't compare your experience with what you see, thinking you need to perform like that. Porn isn't an accurate depiction of real, healthy, sexual relationships. When incorporated into your relationship, it can be a good tool to enhance your erotic experiences. Porn can also be a source of addiction. Choose a partner that accepts and is willing to participate in the same things you like. Your sexual bond will grow with the emotional and physical parts of your relationship. So just because you don't like something now, doesn't mean down the road, you won't like it if you tried again.

Make sure you have plenty of lube

The anus doesn't lubricate itself like the vagina or mouth do, so you want to make sure you use enough. Use more than you think is needed. A warming lube helps promote healing and relax the anus. Not only will it make the experience more enjoyable for both partners, it will help with preventing any extra damage. Slowly enter, pushing further in as slow as possible. Vigorous anal sex should be worked up to. Anal sex "practice" can be fantastic when incorporated into your sex life. It can be fun and a growing experience for you both. If your solo, anal can be extremely satisfying. Removing the pressure to perform gives you the opportunity to really get to know what you like and turn anal into erotic playtime. 

Condoms are ALWAYS important

Not just for STD's or STI's but also pregnancy. YES, you can still get pregnant. If your partner has an orgasm inside you, there's a chance it can drip down, into the vagina. So if you are trying to avoid pregnancy by doing it anally, I'm sorry to inform you.... You should still wear a condom. Even couples who are in a committed relationship. Besides, it makes clean up way easier. If you plan on going from ass to vagina, in order to prevent infections, the penis will need to be cleaned, another good reason to wear a condom. Here are ways to find the perfect condom for you. Whenever you finish ass play, it's always a good idea to clean up. If you used toys, hands, penis or mouth, they will need to be cleaned thoroughly before being used on the vagina. 

What is the best position for anal sex?

Any position you're most relaxed. Again, please don't watch porn to get an idea of what it should be like. They are experienced. Laying on the bed, on your stomach is a good position, missionary, also a standing position, leaning forward slightly, with your partner holding your arms at the elbows, behind you. What you see in porn are advanced anal positions. If you are comfortable with those positions, then by all means, enjoy... if not, that's okay, too.  Anal sex can be extremely rewarding, it shouldn't hurt too much. Anal sex is meant to be taken slow. There's a big difference between a finger going in there (which can feel huge to a beginner or someone who isn't relaxed) and a penis. Don't skimp on the time to work up to it. 

Have an open discussion with your partner about butt play. Make sure you have plenty of lube, then some more. Practice solo. Massage the sphincter. Try a warming lube. If you aren't satisfied with anal sex, keep trying. Sometimes it takes a new position. Sometimes it takes being more gentle or using more lube. Anal play can be fun for everyone and everyone can orgasm from anal sex. Try it, we hope you like it. 

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