Choosing A Clitoral Stimulator That's Right For You

Choosing A Clitoral Stimulator That's Right For You

    When makers finally took clit suckers seriously, they definitely upped the game when it comes to sex toys. They have been around since 2015 and have progressed in design and how well they work. If you have been considering a clitoral stimulator, now is the time to invest. They are worth the money. New Eden carries every product mentioned in this blog article, we also carry other brands and styles not mentioned. This guide will help you to understand the different styles and how they work. The technology is what makes these stimulators the best addition to your pleasure chest. They are on-the-go discreet, travel-ready, and purse friendly. 


     INYA The Rose has brought attention to the clitoral stimulators. ''The Rose'' by INYA is your seductive and sexy companion for fluttering pleasure. Innovative air technology delivers pinpoint accuracy and unmatched stimulation. Powerful air technology with 3 speeds and 7 intense functions. Made for external stimulation, such as nipples and clitoris The Rose is waterproof, designed with bumps that allow for a secure grip when things start getting wet and a little slippery.



    inBloom Rosales rose-shaped clitoral sucker uses pressure wave technology that produces rhythmic pulses of air made to give its users a unique sensation. Perfect for those that enjoy the sensation of oral stimulation, the Rosales mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth, which makes it ideal if that's the kind of stimulation that sends you over the edge. Enjoy 10 different functions in a soft-touch suction stimulator that uses air pulsation to send gentle waves of pleasure to your most sensitive areas. Its rose-inspired shape is sleek and ergonomic to fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.


    Not only do clitoral stimulators come in the erotic rose shape, they also have tongue-action sex toys. For those people that love oral stimulation inBloom offers The Rose Tulipa with a flicking tongue that mimics oral sex. The Tulipa comes in purple. INYA offers a beautifully crafted stimulator in an eye-catching rosebud design in a gorgeous dark teal color. The Kiss stimulates the clitoris with rapid tongue vibrations for an intense climax. Flicking and massaging the clitoris like a real tongue. Made of easy-to-clean, body-safe silicone to feel like the real thing. Textured outside rim for a secure grip when things start to get wet. USB rechargeable for convenience, The Rose Lithium offers a nubby textured top for all-over clitoral stimulation. The nubs offer extra stimulation. 


   Rock Candy has a full line of fun, colorful sex toys. In 2022, they decided to proudly put out the new Refined collection in Cali Blue. The Sugarotic rabbit dual vibrating clitoral stimulator is the sweetest combination of 2 excellent sex toys This Dual Stimulator explores many incredible sensations at once. With a  dual-motor design, the shaft of this unique rabbit explores G-Spot sensations while the outer extension provides clitoral suction and vibration. This blissful mixture is sure to send you to pleasure heaven in no time! Both ends boost 10 incredible functions. 


   We-Vibe is a luxury when it comes to adult sex toys. They have an amazing line of products, including Womanizer and Romp Their clitoral stimulators are no exception. Despite many similar toys from other companies, the original, Womanizer, and its WOW Tech partners set the standard.  We-Vibe offers several styles and fantastic color options. We-Vibe uses a pleasure air technology that sets them apart from the other brands. You will achieve the most intense orgasms without even touching the vulva. The list of clitoral stimulators from We-Vibe is growing all the time. One thing you can know for sure is no matter what sex toy you get, it will be worth the money spent. 


      With such a great list of clitoral stimulators offered by We-Vibe, Womanizer, and Romp, I want to go into detail about some of the options. These stimulators stand out as they aren't shaped like a familiar rabbit vibrator or like the erotic Rose. There's also no tongue action. The pleasure of air technology you'll experience will have you happy you invested in a new toy. The Premium from Womanizer is one of the best on the market. With the Premium, Premium 2, and the Premium Eco  Rose. The Womanizer Premium Eco Rose is completely unique. It's the first ever Pleasure Air sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials. WOW Tech has taken everything that made Womanizer's flagship product, the Womanizer Premium, so good and reduced as much plastic as possible. Available in a soft pink color. New in 2021-2022 The Premium 2 became available in a whole new color lineup. Including Bordeaux, Raspberry Pink, Navy Blue, Black, and Grey. Womanizer offers replacement heads for the Premium and Classic in Bordeaux and Grey colors with size options. Models like The Melt and The Moxie are We-app compatible making them great for couples. The Starlet 3 is new out 2021-2022 offering 5 new bold and beautiful colors including Indigo, Violet, Turquoise, Grey, and Pink. The Starlet 3 has a slim design, is waterproof, and fits in the palm of your hand. 


     Finding a clitoral stimulator can be confusing with so many new styles on the market. Depending on what you want from your new toy, you'll be able to find one to fit your needs. If having one that is Bluetooth, app compatible, unique like the rose, hands-free, or your favorite color there's a clitoral stimulator out there perfect for you, within your price point. 



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