Get Rid Of Vibrators That Are Boring, Once And For All

Get Rid Of Vibrators That Are Boring, Once And For All

Rock Candy sex toys are a brightly colored, fun line of vibrators and pleasure rings that I'm sure you'll love. Bringing nostalgia to the line of candy themed sex toys like the gummy bear, candy stick, bling pop and taffy twist. The unisex line of toys will bring fun and plenty of orgasms. 

Put a ring on it... 

The Bling Pop is a vibrating cock ring that may also be used as a finger vibe. With 3 colors to choose from; blue, pink and red. Both you and your partner will enjoy the vibrating sensations. Featuring a powerful single speed motor, it can be used upside down to stimulate the perianal area and right side up for clitoral stimulation. Stretchy enough to fit around penis shaft and balls. One size fits most. 

The gummy bear is the cutest vibe 

This Gummy Bear vibe is a pocket sized clitoral stimulator. It's squishy feel is something you have to experience to believe. The bears nose nuzzles the clit for intense orgasms. The single speed bullet and whimsical design will have you falling in love this darling toy. Looks good enough eat, even more fun to play with. Use on all of your erogenous zones. With 4 fantastic colors to choose from; Blue, Pink, Purple and Red. Fits perfectly and discreetly in your purse or travel bag for fun anytime. 

Rock Candy Taffy Twist for extended playtime

The Taffy Twist pleasure ring will help you last longer with a stronger erection and orgasm. With an ergonomic and tight fit. Stylish design for the modern man. In 4 different colors; Black, White, Purple and Blue. Stretch to fit c ring with an extra wide outer girth that will prevent rolling also giving a low profile appearance. One size fits most. 

Gummy ball finger vibe is simply fun 

The Gummy Ball finger vibe easily stretches to fit one or two, maybe three fingers. Provides pinpoint pleasure to any sweet spot. The high powered motor boasts 5 powerful functions. The gummy ball is splashproof, wireless and discreet for on-the-go fun. You'll love the color options. Red, Pink, Blue and Purple. The gummy ball will stand out in your pleasure chest. 

The fun sized candy stick is discreet for on the go fun

With the fun sized Candy Stick enjoy a delicious, powerful 4 function motor with 3 speeds and 1 pulse pattern. This item is designed for external use only so this makes for a delightful clitoral stimulator. Can be used solo or incorporate into couple play. The candy stick is splashproof and operates on 4 LR44 batteries, that are included. You'll be ready to go right out of the package. Available in Pink, Blue and Purple. The stripes will take to a place of sweet treats and some pretty sweet orgasms. 

The Taffy Puller was created for stamina training

The Rock Candy Taffy Puller pleasure sleeve is an irresistible pleasure toy, specifically created for male sexual stimulation, stamina training, and as a creative treat during partner sex. The Taffy Puller can also be used a blow job and/or hand job enhancer when incorporated simultaneously. With five individual, intense pleasure channels, ribbed and tapered from the open-ended top to bottom. 

Rock Candy sex toys offer a great selection of fun, brightly colored candy themed toys that make play time even more sweet. These make great couple toys to incorporate into couples playtime. If you haven't used a pleasure ring or a masturbator, Rock Candy offers a fantastic line for a reasonable price. You can find Rock Candy at myneweden. Bring something sweet to your pleasure chest. 

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