How Do I Measure Myself For A Chastity Cage?

How Do I Measure Myself For A Chastity Cage?

     There are a few important things to consider when looking for a chastity cage. Knowing your measurements and the type of cage you're interested in. It's also important to think about the materials used to make the cage and the purpose of using a cage. Is it for all-day wear, BDSM pain, erotic pleasure, or all of the above? There's also material and style to think about. Once you figure all of that out, and you may already have some ideas, finding the right one will be the next task. 

How do I get my measurements?

     It's important to know which measurements you'll need. There are 2 different parts to most chastity cages, with spacing rings. You'll need to measure your flaccid penis for the main ring, cage length, and cage diameter. Make sure you're completely flaccid when getting your measurement or the cage won't fit right causing a sore penis, and nobody wants that. You'll want to grab a tape measure and string or yarn, these are the only things you'll need. 

Measuring the main ring, that goes around your penis and testicles, is one of the most important steps. Without the proper fit, the cage will slip and potentially fall off.  An easy method for getting this measurement is to use a string, then use the tape measure to see how long the string is. You want the main ring to fit snug, Not so snug that it cuts off circulation. If you notice your balls turning blue, red, or purple, remove the cage immediately. This is not safe, it means the ring is too small. There's a difference in having blue balls because of lack of sex or sexual release and lack of circulation. If you have an issue with circulation, you'll want to go try a different size ring. If the main ring is too big, the cage won't stay on or will slip down while wearing. So, it's important to take this measurement. 

Measuring your penis for the cage length is the most important step. You want to make sure you will fit once you receive you're new chastity cage. Make sure you're completely flaccid and grab the tape measure. Pull some length out from the tape measure, and start at the base of your testicles, under your penis. Lay your penis on the tape measure to see what it reads. Having a top view will give you a more accurate reading. If you're uncut, the same applies to you. Make sure if there's any skin hanging over the end, that it isn't going to get caught in the cage. 

Measuring for the diameter fit isn't as crucial but it could matter with some cages, so that's why I feel it's important to know what your diameter is. Use the string method again, going around only the penis, this time. Some of the chastity cages come with a variety of rings to help you find a comfortable fit. You can also purchase ring kits. 

A short video from GPup Alpha showing how the CB-6000 parts go together. This video clearly shows how the parts line up and fit. 

     Putting the cage on can be confusing if you're new to this. The main ring is the first step. This part holds your testicles and penis in place. Make sure it fits properly, and there's no pinching. Slide the ring over your penis, down to your testicles, then one at a time, slip them through the ring. The cage is the main part. You'll want to slide it over your flaccid penis. Be sure to check for bunching and pinching. The 2 pieces connect with a pin, pulling them together so you can attach the lock. The O-Rings can add some space if you're in between sizes. 


     Keeping your cage clean is the most important step. If you pee while wearing your cage, after a few days, odor and bacteria can build up causing issues. Wearing your cage all the time is okay, although it's recommended to remove it every week for a cleaning. You may need to work up to wearing your cage 24/7. Depending on the material used to make your cage. Metal, Silicone, Polycarbonate, and Acrylic all have different weights and will feel different. 

     Finding a cage that's right for you doesn't have to be difficult but it can maybe get frustrating. Knowing your measurements will keep you from buying products that don't work for you. Or your partner. 


Here is a great 9-minute video from Watts the Safeword that talks about the history and how to put a chastity cage together. 


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