Kegel : The Unsung Hero Of Your Exercise Routine

Kegel : The Unsung Hero Of Your Exercise Routine

Kegel exercise has been around for many years, dating back to 6000 years ago. I have heard of Kegel, ben-Waa balls, and jiggle balls  before. I, however, did not know of all the benefits from doing such a strange exercise. So, I'm on a mission to learn about what Kegel can do for me. Are you ready to start this new workout routine? As with any new exercise routine, please consult your physician before beginning. 

What is Kegel? What does it do?

Kegel is an exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor supports organs such as ; the bladder and uterus. Women with strong pelvic floors are known to give easier births with less trauma. Yogis of India practiced Kegel as it was thought to promote longevity. They used the technique for general health, sexual health and spiritual health. 

How to start Kegel exercise 

In the beginning, things like rocks were used to help perform Kegel exercise. I wouldn't suggest trying that these days. Now, we have silicone options which are much better for our bodies and easier to use. I have found several different types. Some shaped like cherries, strawberries and lemons. Weighted, non weighted, beginner and experienced. They come in single or double. A smaller mini size is also an option for those that have issues with insertion. Using Ben-Waa balls is much like inserting a tampon. If you don't use tampons and have issues using your ben-Waa balls, don't be afraid to ask for help. Your family doctor, a friend or family member would be a good place to start to asking about Kegel insertion. If you're too shy to ask a person, you can find instructions online, with a quick search for "how to use Kegel balls". Online instruction and video will give you the opportunity to play around with your new Ben-Waa Kegel balls, getting to know your body a little better and getting used to how it feels to insert the balls comfortably. 

You don't even need a gym membership

Tightening up the pelvic floor is good for urine leakage and small intestine issues. If you're having urine leakage, bowel leakage or have the sudden urge to pee after you've already gone then you may benefit from Kegel exercise. Women who have recently gone through childbirth will also benefit from Kegel exercise. The great thing about this workout is it can be done without any extra equipment, no need for a gym membership. Stopping urine midstream, releasing, then stopping will help you know where your Kegel muscles are. The same process is done without using the toilet. Try it laying in bed, standing in line at the store, driving in the car or even cooking dinner. Tighten those Kegel muscles, hold for brief moment, then release. 

You'll be in shape before you know it

With such an easy exercise, that can be done virtually anywhere, at anytime you'll have your Kegels in tip top shape before you know it. You'll start to notice you're hard work paying off. You may even start to feel better about yourself. Your partner will notice, which will also bring some intimate moments into your life. 


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