Love Hamma Sex Tool : Building the perfect "O"

Love Hamma Sex Tool : Building the perfect "O"

What's all the rave about? 

If you haven't heard of The Love Hamma, you are definitely missing out. The Love Hamma is the ultimate pleasure tool that will thrill and fill you. Its unique shape will stand out in your pleasure chest. The Love Hamma brings new meaning to "taking a pounding" and "getting laid". Solo or with a partner, you won't be disappointed with this new-to-the-market sex toy. 

Let's meet the Love Hamma

First off, let's look at the different styles and colors. There are 2 unique shapes to the handle, that sets each apart. One is round (shown in blue and black in the photo) The other style is angled, for g and p spot stimulation (shown in pink and teal in the photo). These 2 shapes come in 4 different colors. Blue, Pink, Black, and Teal. Gender-neutral colors make this sex tool perfect for everybody.


What can this thing do?

Powerful rabbit ears and vibrating handles will have your legs shaking and toes curled, you may even hear the angels sing. With G and P spot stimulation in the handle shaft and hammer ears. Measuring 11 inches total with an insertable length of 7 inches. Even the hammerhead has a vibration, as well as the handle and ears, so there's plenty to keep you (and your partner) satisfied. The Love Hamma is a multifunction, multipurpose vibrator that is going to give you multi-orgasms. 

How does this thing work?

Just in the Hamma ears alone, there are 7 vibration speeds. Your clitoris will love the thrills and erotic play. The Love Hamma features 3 vibration speeds and 21 functions with 10 thrusting patterns for the ultimate in pleasure. You will be building the perfect "O".  Independently controlled handle and ears allow you to customize your experience. The Love Hamma can be used anally or vaginally, so it's a great gender-neutral, unisex toy. Use the vibration on all your erogenous zones for insane pleasure. This toy is fantastic for solo play or with a partner. A great way for couples to incorporate partner play.

How do the controls work?

The touch control pad is located at the top of the handle, near the Hamma ears. The ergonomic design of this sex tool makes controlling the toy easy with one hand. Each section of the Love Hamma is independently controlled. What that means is the handle, the head and the ears can all be controlled alone or with each other for the ultimate orgasmic experience. The Love Hamma is USB rechargeable and made with body-safe silicone. You can feel confident you're getting a quality-made sex toy. 

Don't forget the accessory

Role play just got even better with the Love Hamma Love Pouch. Keep your Love Hamma, lubes, cuffs, and toys closely tucked away in your pouch. Easily adjustable to fit comfortably on most body types. In black and pink, Love Pouch is made so everyone can enjoy the thrill of role play and The Love Hamma.

How do I take care of my new toy?

It's important to clean your toys before and after use. Using a good toy cleaner will keep your toys looking new, operating as they should, and lasting longer. Toy cleaners come in spray, foam, non-fragranced, vegan, and more. Find one that suits your needs and likes. offers a wide selection of natural lubes, oils, and cleaners. If you're going to be storing your toys for a while, it's a good idea to take out the batteries. Without regular use, the batteries can leak, ruining your toys. Keep the batteries fresh, and your toys clean and properly stored. Now on to building the perfect "O".

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