New Eden's Long Dong Days Of Summer Giveaway 2021

New Eden's Long Dong Days Of Summer Giveaway 2021

   Just in time for summer..... New Eden's Long Dong Days Of Summer Giveaway. That's right; we will draw 1 person a week at random to win a Blush Loverboy dong. Our drawing will be on July 6th and July 13th, 2021. We think you're going to like this giveaway. 15 different styles, 1 sent at random, you'll want to make sure you get entered in this giveaway.  It's pretty easy to enter. I mean all you have to do is like our page, comment done on the post. Voila. There are also ways to get additional entries. Share the post or sign up for our email list. I'd say that's easy peasy.  Now on to the good stuff. I'm going to share my personal review of 3 Loverboy dongs. 

   First, is the Cowboy. This light tone dildo has realistic balls, soft feel and realistic texture. Strong and secure suction cup base is perfect for solo play. The Cowboy is harness compatible, you will have your partner bucking with pleasure. A slight curve makes this toy orgasmic. Skin safe and phthalate and latex free for sensitive users. The cowboy is of average size, at 8 inches. Taking this cowboy is easy, he fills you up perfectly. I had a slight stretch at first but enjoyed every inch. I used the suction cup base on the edge of the tub, which had amazing suction. It didn't take long before my first orgasm. It felt like an endless orgasm. I didn't want to stop. Now if only my legs could hold out a bit longer. 

   Manny the Fireman is up next. All the Loverboy dongs reviewed have suction cup bases and are harness compatible. Manny is a brown tone dildo with realistic balls and shaft. Manny is smaller in size, at 7 inches. Don't let the size fool you, Manny is fully equipped for the job. Made with soft phthalate free PVC, Manny is the pole you'll love sliding down. I was pleasantly surprised how well Manny got the job done. He is just the right size. I didn't feel the slight stretch as with the Cowboy but Manny felt just as good. Manny the Fireman will be my go to for quickie solo sessions. 

  Top Gun Tommy will bring you in for the perfect landing. Tommy is the smallest of the crew at 6 inches. Chocolate in tone, Tommy won't disappoint. Tommy would be great for users new to anal, as he is small in girth and size. Tommy's soft, flexible shaft will have you taking off despite his size. The bulbous head rubs the g-spot perfectly. I enjoyed my session with Tommy, I will still use him. Probably not as much as the others. Don't let my desire for a larger size keep you from trying Top Gun Tommy. 

   No matter which Loverboy you choose, you'll be satisfied. I think this is a quality line of products with so many options. Affordable enough to have a few different Loverboy dongs in your pleasure chest. If this giveaway is a hit, we will extend it through the summer. So, enter to win and cross your fingers. This could be your lucky day.

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