Types of Sex Toys and How To Use Them

Types of Sex Toys and How To Use Them

Moset hiIf you haven't been shopping for a new sex toy lately, it could be a little overwhelming finding the style you like. Each brand has their own unique style and twist on the shapes, colors, settings, ways of charging. Several great models for penis and vagina owners alike. Some toys have remotes and vibrate. They aren't your typical suction cup penises with balls. With flesh like silicone to feel so much like the real thing for some pretty intense orgasms. 

The clitoral stimulator for vaginas

The newest craze on the market is the Rose or flower clitoral stimulator, which works on all erogenous zones for amazing foreplay. Some people have complained about the suction being too intense, so it's wise to start at the lowest level, to see how the toy will feel before going to the stronger settings. These small, fit in your palm sex toys can be used solo, or with a partner, on the go or in the shower or tub. The fun is about to begin. These stimulators come in Rose shape, tongue and with bristles. With a price range from $30 to $80, it's easy to find one you like depending on what your desires are. 

Good ol' suction cup penis with balls

Although this style has been around since the beginning of sex toys, you can't go wrong with a solid, silicone dildo. These types of sex toys are perfect for harnesses for partner play. The suction cup will attach to most flat surfaces for hands free orgasms. Stick to wall, tub side, floor, where ever you're most comfortable. According to Thrillest.com , by 1300 AD the sex toy industry was really taking off, especially in ancient China, which innovated Ben Waa Balls filled with animal semen, cock rings made of goat eyelids, and double-sided dildos. I would say it's a good thing that the market has improved since 1300 A.D. Suction cup penises are made to look and feel like the real thing, you'll be delightfully surprised. 


Sex toys for penis owners

This category has really "exploded" (pun intended) with new products. Hands free masturbators, made from silky silicone that wiggles and jiggles just like the real thing. If that isn't for you, there's other options. Travel friendly, compact and ready for you. Anytime. Every time. Find your favorite porn star masturbator, travel friendly models made from ABS plastic, some also vibrate with remotes. The great thing about male masturbators is the price range and style. You can get molds of asses, mouths and vaginas. Use them solo or with a partner for extra erotic play. Get waterproof for shower, bath and pool. Using a lubricant helps with the slip and grip. 

Anal toys for the win

Anal toys have really come a long way. They are made wearable, from quality silicone for a comfortable fit. Ouch! brand carries some really cool anal sex toy kits. With amazing designs, fun colors and made to fit your personality. Start out with a training kit and extra extra lube when beginning anal play. With some patience and gentle work you'll be a fan of backdoor action. Another quality brand is B-Vibe. They have a superb training kit, with fabulous colors. 

Finding a new sex toy can have it's challenges but with a little consideration, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Giving yourself time to adjust to a new toy may help if you do get a new sex toy you aren't used to. As with any toy, you want to clean before and after use. Store in a cool, dry space. Like a silk bag, toy chest or drawer. Most sex toys are perfect for solo play and couple play. So, it doesn't matter if you have a partner. Sex toys can enhance relationships when used together for foreplay or erotic stimulation.

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