What You Need To Know About Male Strokers

What You Need To Know About Male Strokers

    Have you needed a sexual release at a time you were alone? If you've ever thought about getting a masturbator or stroker, this guide is for you. We'll go over different styles, brands, and how to take care of your new stroker. There's nothing to be ashamed of, people have been having sex for thousands of years. 

Do it for your heart health

  Masturbating is not only beneficial, it even may be, at times, necessary. Self-pleasure raises your heart rate, increasing blood flow. Plus, it helps your mood. Nothing is better than an attitude adjustment that leaves you breathless. Some people might have an inaccurate idea that toys, vibrators, and dildos are only for women. That's just not true. Couples can use strokers as a part of foreplay. Or when Aunt Flo visits. Men have several options when it comes to self-pleasure. Now let's get to that list. 

Man Wand: New generation masturbator

  The first on our list are the Man Wand Pump One and Pulsion OneMade for new sensation lovers, Man Wand Pump One is a new generation masturbator with multiple functions for a more pleasurable experience.  Made with body-safe, super soft silicone with a warming function for the ultimate experience. With a 3-hour charge time that lasts 1 hour, you'll have plenty of time to take care of business... before taking care of business. USB rechargeable will be ready when you are, even in the shower. 

   Man Wand Pulsion One Male Masturbator is a new generation masturbator with multiple functions for more pleasure. 3 pulse modes, and 7 vibration modes will send you over the moon. With a warming, inner texture to feel like the real thing. Ergonomic handgrip for comfort and better orgasms. This little masturbator is powerful, you won't be disappointed.

  The sleek, manly color scheme and design make either of these models a must-have. Bored at home, need to prepare before a date or your just horney. You'll be holding heaven in your hand. You can find Man Wand Pump One and Pulsion One here, priced under $100. The most expensive stroker on our list.

Textured and molded from your favorite stars

    With the rise of Only Fans, brands like Signature Strokers and Main Squeeze have lines molded after your favorite stars. Each with its own textured tube and feel. There's also a Man Squeeze line for those that prefer same-sex anal. With over 25 to choose from, you will probably find a few. From Bailey Rayne to Leo of Leolulu to Bridgette B and Jenna Jameson. These lines of masturbators are slightly more affordable than others on the list. As always, an excellent quality product you've come to expect from My New Eden. You can score more than one of these honeys at a price under $30. 

Calling all lip lovers, we have the perfect pussy  

 PDX Plus Perfect Pussy double stroker masturbator is calling all lip-lovers. Perfect pussies that feel just as good as they look! Slip inside this ultra-realistic, supple pocket pussy and experience heaven for your cock! Cleverly sized to be lifelike and compact, this solo satisfier is made from super soft Fanta-Flesh® and features incredibly intricate details! Intricate tunnel designs to give you maximum pleasure! Lifelike Skin Texture with super fine details makes it look and feel like the real thing!  In light, tan, and brown color options. Priced from $30-$45, you will find the perfect pussy.

Keep them clean and stored properly  

The best part about these male toys is that they are super easy to clean and store. With mild soap and water, or a toy cleaner, washing up is a breeze. You might have the need for a lubricant. Make sure you read the care instructions in your product booklet, in case there are special instructions for your model. Most models come with an end cap, for clean storage and travel. 

There are plenty of other good masturbators on the market. Fleshlight may be a brand you've heard of before. Give one of these on the list a shot, and leave us a comment below telling us which you tried and how it worked for you. Empower yourself to become accepting of your own sexuality. Express yourself and your desires. Don't take sex so seriously, people have been doing it for thousands of years. 


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