Why choose us? What makes New Eden better?

Why choose us? What makes New Eden better?

     So you found us with your google search. You checked out our store selection and you like what you see. Can you trust us? What makes our company different than the others? We totally understand your questions and concerns. We're going to give you some more details about us and our products. 

Are the products you carry body safe?

We offer products that are natural, including Vegan, with little to no added nasty stuff. We know the importance of putting healthy ingredients on your skin and in your body. We hand-pick our products based on companies we believe in. 

Not only do we offer products with natural ingredients, but over 95% of our products are also made in the United States. We warehouse our items in the United States for faster delivery times. We are working on expanding our international services to include more areas. 

Is my size available? It's hard to find my size.

New Eden is an all-inclusive store. We want everybody to feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin. No matter your shape, size, or orientation. Sex is something that should be enjoyed and we want you to know that includes you. 

Our women's lingerie department includes sizes small to 4 extra large. Stockings, panties, and sets accentuate every shape. Check out Our Blog New Eden Sex Talk and it will help you choose lingerie when shopping online that best fits your size, shape, and personality. We also have men's lingerie available. We discuss this topic in Our blog, New Eden Sex Talk, it will help men feel more comfortable about buying (and wearing) sexy clothes for themselves.  We are always adding to our lingerie departments. 

Are our payment methods and your information safe? 

Our company has taken rigorous steps to ensure your payment is secure and safe. We protect your identity and your payment information. We don't sell your info. So you can rest assured we have taken precautions. If there is an issue, we will do all we can to fix it. 


We got your back. We're to help.

We, at New Eden, shop online ourselves. We know what it's like to order from a company you just heard of or found online. Had we not taken a chance, we would have missed out on some of our new favorite shops. We take pride in our company, in the companies we deal with, and in our products. We hope you come to feel as good about us as we do.  


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