Intimina KegelSmart Pink Tailored Pelvic Trainer Silicone

Product Description

Kegel should be done a set routine that is simple to follow

The future is now. KegelSmart™ is a revolutionary new way to do your Kegels! It’s your personal pelvic floor trainer which sets a routine that is simple to follow, safe to use, and completely tailored to your individual needs.

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Kegels should be done at every age and in every stage, and this is the easiest and smartest way to incorporate a regular Kegel exercise routine into your schedule. KegelSmart automatically sets your excercise level with a simple vibration guided program. Start right now, watch your pelvic strength build  and radically change your life. Made of 100% medical grade silicone.

  • Intimina 
  • Color : Pink
  • KegelSmart
  • Registers Pelvic Strength
  • Convenient Removal String

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